Dale Jr won Michigan!!!

~doin the happy dance~


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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there, hope it’s a great one~!

Not much is going on in life right now-just lots of yardwork and stitching! and reading, my SIL sent me home with about a dozen new books to read last time we visited. She has the same taste in books that I do so we are always swapping them back and forth. Movies as well, right now I’ve been watching Buffy the vampire slayer, she has 6 out of 7 seasons on dvd. I have seasons 1 & 3. So she’s filling in the blanks! lol

As for my stitching, I’ve trimmed down my wip’s. There were several that only had 100 or so stitches in them that I just frogged and will use the fabric for something else later. I’m down to just about 6 (not including my haed’s) which is really good for me. I’m concentrating on my wolves for now. I’m switching my home decor to a western/southwestern style, so I’m going to try to only stitch things that will go with it. Wolves, horses, anything nature. And I’ve developed a liking for smalls-I really like needlebooks, so I’ll be stitching lots of those. They make great gifts too, if I can bear to part with them! lol I’m such a packrat, hugs Christine

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finished, haed’s wolfish friend qs!

Here he is!! I finished him up this morning, had to give him a bath though. He was a bit dirty and I started him before I had my new sewing machine and had to use tape on the edges. It was pretty stuck, had to soak him for awhile to get it to come off. He’s stitched 1×1 on 22 count hardanger. Start date was 6/14/07, took almost a year, not exactly a “quick stitch”! lol hugs, Christine

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Been awhile

Hi! I haven’t updated in awhile, sorry about that! Things have been pretty quiet in my little corner of the world. The weather has been typical Oklahoma weather, warm and stormy at times.
School is out for the summer, my first-grader will be headed for second-grade in August. She’s been doing really well in school, her reading and math skills are at a second-grade level already. Such a little smartie! I’m so proud of her, she set a goal of reading enough books to get to go to a school sponsored skating party at the end of the year, she was one of four other kids in her class to complete that goal! I remember when I was in first-grade the prize for reading the most books was a play-doh set which I won, lol
Stitchy-wise I’ve been project-hopping, I’ve had a couple of new starts as well. Right now I’m working on haed’s qs wolfish friend. I’m almost finished with it, I’m about halfway done with the last page and I can see a finish in my near future! Yayy! I’ve made a deal with myself, for every 2 wip’s that I finish, I will allow myself to order a new chart as a reward. We’ll see how well that system works for me, as a rotation just doesn’t work for me. The minute I make a plan, I change it and do completely the opposite of what I intend. So I figure that if I do a sort of informal deal with myself, make it sort of a competition for myself, it might work and I can knock down the number of wip’s that I have. So I’ve been wishlisting, trying to decide what my first reward will be, the list is loooonggg!! lol hugs, Christine

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pink biscornu finish

Here is a biscornu I made from an Ink Circles freebie. It’s stitched on Enchanted Fabrics 32 count linen in a color called coral reef, 1 strand over 2 with Vikki Clayton’s hdf creamsicle and oeillet 1207, premium thread. I really enjoyed stitching this, it was fairly easy and very rewarding as a quick finish! hugs, Christine

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the wolf pack

Here is the wolf pack by Janlynn, I started this one back in 2006. I couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t worked on it more until I got it out and started stitching on it some. It’s a kit and the thread in it was just terrible, good thing it was coded for dmc, as I trashed the thread that came with it and am using thread from my stash~
I plan on starting an informal sort of rotation, working on this one on the weekends. Hopefully I can stick with the plan, I’m notorious for making a plan, then doing the exact opposite of what I intend! lol, I guess I’m what you’d call a carefree stitcher! hugs, Christine

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wip pics~

Here are four projects I’ve been working on lately, they are=
1. HAED’s Wizard of Oz, from the artwork of Scott Gustafson
2. Teresa Wentzler’s freebie dragon rampant
3. Labyrinth by Pelin Tezer
4. HAED’s Cuddle and Toys from the artwork of Yvonne Gilbert

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It’s storming today

It’s been raining all day here in the sooner state, and of course our roof has started leaking bigtime~I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later, I’ve been picking up shingles off the ground off/on all year long. Darn that Oklahoma wind! lol Add a new roof to the long honey-do list that is getting longer and longer, with not much getting done. Sigh…
As far as stitching goes, I’ve gone as far as I can go with TW’s freebie Dragon Rampant. I’m missing one color, which means I’ve got 2 color symbols left to stitch as TW uses a lot of blended colors. It is well worth it, though as the results are beautiful. I’m going to place an order at 123stitch soon, so I will order the floss then as it’s cheaper to order online these days than go to hobby lobby with the price of gas being so high now. Now I’m working on a piece that I’m going to use as a quilt square I think. It’s from a book called Country Patchwork, by Dale Burdett. I got it for maybe a quarter at the thrift store, the patterns in it are so pretty, I think they will make a great quilt~hugs~

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my first needlebook

This is my first needlebook finish, I’m pretty pleased with my first effort at finishing one! I think I’m hooked on smalls now, I’ve already stitched up one freebie design to finish as a needlebook and am currently working on another one. I got the pattern for this from patternsonline.com, it’s called romance in bloom needlebook~hugs

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ferret is finished

Tada, here he is, all finished. It’s been awhile since I stitched anything that required backstitching, I forgot how tedious yet rewarding it is, lol! Now all I need is to get him framed, I’ll probably do that myself, hugs~

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